Repeater Info

Technical Access Information for the GB3DP Repeater housed in Baston, UK.

Repeater Make : Motorola
Repeater Model : MTR2000
Repeater Logic : OpenRepeater / ICS-MTR2000-PI-1X / Raspberry Pi 4

Repeater Transmit Frequency : 430.8625 MHz
Repeater Receive Frequency : 438.4625 MHz
CTCSS Sub Audio Tone : 88.5 Hz

Bandwidth : 12.5 KHz (Narrow)
Carrier deviation :                       2.5KHz Maximum
ERP Output : ~12 Watts
Repeater Power : 8 Watts

Repeater has a 2 minute timeout, with a single tone beep after PTT is dropped.

Repeater is now connected to EchoLink as of 20/07/2022

Please allow the carrier to drop between long overs.

Approx Coverage of GB3DP